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1.Can anyone register for the workshop?

Only official representatives and NGAs nominated by agencies who have received invitations from the International Competition Network (ICN) are entitled to register for the workshop.

2.How do I register for the workshop?

ICN members are invited to register their nominated representatives and NGAs by completing the online registration form on the workshop website. Please note that ICN members should register their nominated NGAs as NGAs will not be allowed to register themselves.

3.How do I know if my registration has been confirmed?

Your participation in the workshop is confirmed if following your registration in the system you have received an e-mail from the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission.

4.I haven’t received the letter confirming my registration: what should I do?

Please contact the workshop planning team using the following contact details: reg.2014icncartel@ftc.gov.tw or +886-2-23975019

5.Do I have to pay for participation in the workshop?

No, participation in the workshop and social programme is free of charge. However, travel, accommodation, health insurance and other costs are to be covered by participants.

6.Can you help me to book a hotel room?

Participants must make their own travel and accommodation. Special rates have been negotiated with certain hotels. Please go to the workshop website at http://www.ftc.gov.tw/icncartel2014 for a list of recommended hotels in Taipei. Please note that the special rates are valid until 1 August 2014 and thereafter normal rates will apply.

7.Will I be provided with transportation from the airport to my hotel?

No, you will have to make your own arrangements to get to your hotel and conference venue. Please see the “Travel Information” page for taxi, shuttle bus or hotel limousine service.

8.Should I have travel or health insurance during my stay in Taiwan?

It is highly recommended that all participants carry an adequate travel and health insurance, as the organisers of 2014 ICN Cartel Workshop cannot accept any liability for accidents, illnesses or injuries that may occur during the workshop.

9.Will I receive printed workshop materials?

Participants will receive a file with all the workshop papers. Papers will also be uploaded on the workshop website for download.

10.Will laptops or tablets be available for rent on the spot?

No, participants are encouraged to bring their own devices. Provision has been made for Wireless Hotspots at the conference venue.

11.What will be the conference language? Will interpreting be provided?

The English will be the main language used for the workshop – all materials and speeches will be made in English and no interpretation will be provided.

12.Is it possible to pay in other currencies in Taipei?

No, the official currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$); it is a decimal currency with units in dollars. Currently one US Dollar can exchange for about 31 NT dollars. (For major foreign currency exchange rates, please refer to Currency Conversion 1,and Currency Conversion 2)

Major credit and charge cards like American Express, Visa, Diners and Master are widely accepted by establishments in Taiwan. Normal bank opening hours are Mondays to Fridays: 0900hrs to 1530hrs. Most banks handle travelers’ checks and change foreign currencies. There is a wide network of banks that will exchange your foreign currency, and most major tourist locations such as airports and hotels will have dedicated foreign exchange facilities.

13. I've already registered but cannot attend. Can I cancel or transfer my registration to another person?

You can cancel your registration on registration page (Cancel Registration icon) or by sending an email to reg.2014icncartel@ftc.gov.tw.

Transferring your registration to someone else is impossible – only persons who have received invitations from conference holders are entitled to register.

14.I am a vegetarian – will the menu be composed also of vegetable dishes?

Yes, the menu will be varied and will contain meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

15.Will I need a visa to enter Taipei?

Please see the “Travel Information” page for a list of countries that do not require a visa. On the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (http://www.boca.gov.tw/mp?mp=2) you will find information on visa requirements.

16.How can I get an international visa invitation letter?

For a personalized invitation letter, please contact the TFTC staff at the following e-mail address: info.2014icncartel@ftc.gov.tw

17.Will there be free Wifi?

Yes, provision has been made for free Wireless Hotspots at the conference venue.

18.I am not able to pre-register on-line. Can I register when I arrive at the workshop?

No, registration at the workshop will not be possible. Please note that pre-registration on-line (available till Thursday, 31 July 2014) is required for all participants.

19.Who can attend the ICN Cartel Workshop?

The ICN Cartel Workshop is attended by competition authority members, non-governmental advisors – NGAs (lawyers, academics) and others (government observers)

Please note that only persons who have received invitations from organisers are entitled to attend the conference.

20.What should I wear?

You are kindly requested to wear business attire.

21.Who should I contact if I have other questions?

For general information on the workshop, please contact info.2014icncartel@ftc.gov.tw or +886-2-23975019

For questions regarding registration, please contact the registration desk at reg.2014icncartel@ftc.gov.tw or +886-2-23975019

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