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The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is the competent authority in charge of Fair Trade Act and Multi-level Marketing Supervision Act in Taiwan. The FTC is charged with drafting fair trading policy, laws, regulations, and investigating and handling various activities impeding competition, such as monopolies, mergers, concerted actions, and other restraints on competition or unfair trade practices by enterprises. Moreover, it is also responsible for developing policy, completing regulations as well as investigation cases concerning multilevel marketing. As for any regulatory matters overseen by other ministries and commissions, the FTC may consult with such ministries and commissions to deal with them.

The duties of the FTC, as provided for under the Organic Act of the Fair Trade Commission, include the following
(1)Formulation of fair trade policies and regulations;
(2)Review of the Fair Trade Act;
(3)Investigation of business activities and economic developments;
(4)Investigation and disposition of cases in violation of the Fair Trade Act;
(5)Formulation of policies and regulations, investigation, and disposition of related cases on multi-level marketing;
(6)Indoctrination of fair trading policies and regulations; and
(7)Other matters in relation to fair trade.

The FTC can generally be divided into the Commissioners' Meeting and the following departments and administrative support offices: Department of Planning, Department of Service Industry Competition, Department of Manufacturing Industry Competition, Department of Fair Competition, Department of Legal Affairs, Information and Economic Analysis Office, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, and Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office.


 Organization Chart

Human Resources

The FTC actually had a total of 202 personnel on December 31, 2023. It was consisted of 186 personnel by staffing establishment regulation and 7 personnel by contract.

(1) Educational background of FTC personnel

Educational background of FTC personnel Doctor's Degree: 2℅
Master's degree: 51℅
Bachelor's degree(include Junior college): 46℅
High school, vocational high school: 1℅

(2) Age of FTC personnel

Age of FTC personnel under 24 years old 1℅
25 – 29: 3℅
30 – 34: 9℅
35 – 39: 12℅
40 – 44: 14℅
45 – 49: 17℅
50 – 54: 21℅
55 or older: 23℅

(3) Specialization of FTC personnel

Specialty Specialization of FTC personnel Economics and related departments :45℅
Law Departments: 19℅
Double major in Law and Economics related departments: 4℅
Computer Science and related departments: 3℅
Others (such as Linguistics, Public Administration, Education, and others): 29℅
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