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The FTC's Commissioners' Meeting has the following features:

  • The FTC is among the small minority of Cabinet commissions run by a collegial system. Since the Fair Trade Act is a sophisticated commercial law, to ensure that opinions from all sectors are considered and that cases are thereby handled in conformity with legislative intent, FTC decisions are based on a majority vote of the Commissioners.
  • The FTC shall consist of seven full-time commissioners to be appointed by nomination by the premier and approval of the Legislative Yuan for a four-year staggered term and the commissioners may be reappointed when their term expires. When making the appointment, the premier shall designate one of the commissioners as the chairperson and another as the vice chairperson.
  • All commissioners shall be politically impartial and disallowed to participate in political party activities and they perform their duties independently according to related laws.
  • The number of commissioners affiliated with the same political party may not exceed one half of the total number of commissioners.
  • The commissioner appointees must have the knowledge and experience with regard to law, economics, finance and taxation, accounting, or management.
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