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    The decision-making body of the FTC is the Commissioners Meeting which functions through gathering of commissioners to deliberate and decide the FTC’s major administrative programs. The 6 main responsibilities of the FTC’s Commission Meeting in accordance with the provision of the Article 9 of the Organic Act of the Fair Trade Commission are: (1) deliberating fair trade and multi-level sales management policies; (2) deliberating laws and regulations related to fair trade and multi-level sales management; (3) deliberating and evaluating administration plans relate to fair trade and multi-level sales management; (4) deliberating and evaluating public notices, approvals, and disposition related to the enforcement of the FTA and the MLMSA; (5) deliberating proposals by commissioners; (6) deliberating other matters as provided by the laws.

    In 2021, the FTC held 56 Commissioners Meetings to review 248 submissions. which was less than that in 2020.The main reason was some reports were submitted to the Commissioners individually on a monthly basis rather than to the Commission Meetings to simplify administrative procedures. On the average, each time the Commissioners Meeting heard 4.4 submissions, including 2.1 reports and 2.3 discussions.

    The 130 discussions reviewed in 2021 included 89 complaints and self-initiated investigation cases, 15 applications & notifications, 14 related to laws and regulations, 1 program project, and 11 other matters. Results of the deliberation showed that of total review cases, 87 cases or 66.9% were passed as proposed, 16 cases or 12.3% were passed with amendments, 14 cases or 10.8% were pending for further discussion, and 13 cases or 10.0% was other result.

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