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Research & Academia
  1. Statistical Yearbook of the Fair Trade Commission (both in Chinese and English)

First issue in March 1992
(Chinese-English bilingual publication, published in March every year)
/ Statistics Office

This publication is published in March every year and includes the endeavors and results of the FTC's implementation of the Fair Trade Law, including statistics on the cases handled, operations of multi-level sales enterprises, FTC meetings, consulting services, decisions, approvals, and practices. Also included are relevant statistics of other countries. This is a valuable compendium for those interested in the FTC and the FTL.

  1. Competition Policy Newsletter

From January 1997 to December 2007, bi-monthly/Planning Dept.
(available only at CPIRC)

The Fair Trade Commission established the Competition Policy Information and Research Center on January 27, 1997 as a major databank on market development and think tank for liberalization and internationalization. The center is an open library, providing information services and on-line services. The Competition Policy Newsletter, a bilingual publication published every two months, contains the most updated information about domestic competition policies as well as in various other countries, news collections, and speeches given by local and foreign experts. It is a valuable databank for professionals and the general public as well.

  1. Taiwan FTC Newsletter

Launched in January 2008, bimonthly/Planning Dept.

The Taiwan FTC Newsletter, a bilingual publication published bimonthly (the Chinese edition during odd-number month, and the English edition during even-number ,month), contains the information about summaries of major speeches, reports of important cases, current developments in relation to foreign competition authorities or competition policies/laws as well as the latest FTC events. It is a publication targeting the general public.

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