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A Feasibility study of Marketing Behavior and Fair Trade Law for Printer and Elevator


Clerical instruments and their related consumer goods are in great demand in economics activities. It also influences the market transaction widely. As a result of the elements for example the difference among brands, no substitution for the specifications of complements make the clerical instrument firms obtain a relative advantageous position in the market. For this reason the consumers might buy the consumer goods and components from original firms after they bought the clerical instruments. According to the characteristics of the clerical instruments, we focus on two aspects: one is a printer and ink cartridge; the other is elevator and its after-sales service to explore the market transaction and Fair Trade Law.

We found that the inkjet printer firms' or distributors' market competition strategies are different: low price for low-level printers, good functions for medium-level and high-level printers, and low-level printers are used to be a append gift when they sold the computers. Owing to the low-level printers are reduced the price less than $1,000. Two ink cartridges can be bought on this price, so that consumers suspect the price the firm made is too expensive. Therefore we explore the printers transaction in the market (ex: brands, functions, prices, substitutions and so on), and we also compare the price-ratios in the every level printers and their ink cartridges. Simultaneously we focus on elevators. They are very costly but popular commodities. We used them frequently, but not all of us understand the structure of elevators. The characteristics of elevators confused consumers. For this reason, the project not only introduces the elementary elevator equipments but also discusses the content of maintaining contracts.

The legal issues, which face in our paper involved, maybe exist in a station between Fair Trade Law and Costumer Protection Act. In among foreign legal systems of Fair Trade Law, some contain the legal systems of Costumer Protection Act, but some don't.

Therefore, our report will explain if Fair Trade Law of R.O.C has a close relation with Costumer Protection Act in our country, and hopes that Fair Trade Commission can deals with similar cases according to our suggestion written in the research.

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