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Research & Academia
  1. The Studies on Deregulation on Transportation and Communication Industries and Its Applications of Competition Laws
  2. The Relations Between Co-insurance of Non-life Insurance and the Fair Trade Law
  3. The Relations Between Anti-dumping and Competition Policies
  4. Review the Applicability of the Fair Trade Law to the Operational Rules of Public Utility (Water, Electricity, Gas)
  5. The Relations Between Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Laws Under the Framework of the WTO
  6. Testifying and Revising the Assessment System of Multi-level Sales
  7. The Relations Between Government Procurement and the Fair Trade Law
  8. How to Identify whether a Monopoly Enterprise Abusing Its Market Position in Pricing
  9. The Studies on Deregulation in Various Countries
  10. The Studies on Pricing Mechanisms: To Construct a Reasonable Pricing Mechanism
  11. How to Accelerate the Deregulation and Privatization of the State-Run Monopoly Enterprises
  12. The Studies on Combination Applications of Convenient Stores Under the Fair Trade Law
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