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Research & Academia
  1. The Studies on Related Issues of Price Control in Service Industries and Competition Policies 
  2. The Applications of "Rules of Reason" Under the Fair Trade Law: Centered on Actions of Non-Price Vertical Restraints
  3. Criteria for Defining Non-Registered Famous Foreign Trademarks
  4. The Interactive Relations Between Competition Policies and Industrial Policies 
  5. Studies on Related Issues Regarding the Fair Trade Law and Consumer Protection Law 
  6. The Scope that Fair Trade Law May Govern the Conducts of Government Administrative Organizations
  7. The Study on Regulating the Large Retail Industry Under the Fair Trade Law
  8. The Joint Import Cartel of Soybeans and Its Relevant Regulation
  9. The Choices of Pre-Alarming Indexes of Multi-level Sales scheme
  10. Establishing the Pre-Alarming Model of Multi-level Sales scheme
  11. The Study on the Correction Program of the Marketing System and Behaviors of the Motorcycle Industry
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