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Establishment and Mission

 The idea of having a Competition Policy Information and Research Center (hereinafter called the CPIRC) was conceived in 1995 when the then Premier Lien, Chan visited the Fair Trade Commission (hereinafter called the FTC). During his visit, he said that the FTC should establish CPIRC as soon as possible to provide professional information services upon enquiry to all sectors of the economy. The resources collected in this way were to be accessible to both businesses and academia. The CPIRC would assist the business sector in formulating business strategies consistent with the spirit of the competition law and encourage the academic sector to conduct in-depth research. Meanwhile, proper assistance would be given by related government institutions. Pursuant to the then Premier Lien's recommendations, the FTC then mobilized a plan and the CPIRC was established on January 27, 1997, opening to the public on that day.

The CPIRC aims to be a professional center for the collection of information and research on competition policy and competition law. It is hoped that the public's free access to the information resources will yield the greatest benefits from resource sharing.

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