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Fair Trade Commission Guidelines on Reproduction of the CPIRC's Collection

  • This Guideline is formulated by the Competition Policy Information and Research Center (CPIRC) of the Fair Trade Commission for the convenience of those who wish to reproduce materials in the CPIRC collection.
  • The term "Reproduction" as used in this Guidelines refers to the duplicating, copying or printing of materials for personal research and reference, using photocopiers, microfiche readers, computers, and CD-ROMs.
  • The materials in the CPIRC except those that are confidential are available for reproduction. The following items, however are not allowed to be copied:
    》Materials bound together and not suitable for reproduction.
    》Translations and narration published by the Commission; and
    》Materials deemed inappropriate for reproduction by the CPIRC.
  • Users who wish to reproduce information from microfiche readers, computers, and CD-ROMs should first register with the CPIRCs information desk.
  • The relevant copyright law and regulations should be observed when reproducing information.
  • Apart from those intended for use by the Commission or for official use by government agencies, a fee will be collected to cover the cost of reproduction. The fee shall be determined by the CPIRC and announced separately by public notice.
  • The Guidelines and any subsequent revisions shall be implemented upon the approval of the Chairman.
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