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The systematic and sustainable operation of the CPIRC ensures the comprehensive compilation of information on competition policy and competition law from relevant books, periodicals, and documents. The CPIRC aims to be a professional center for the FTL, attracting people from both academia and the industrial sector to use the resources for research, and further advancing the study of the FTL. Moreover, the CPIRC will strive to make resources accessible to the general public to yield the greatest benefit. Looking to the future, the CPIRC will continue to work hard to achieve its objectives, which include:

  • Continuing to Enrich the CPIRC's Resources

The CPIRC will continue to compile books, periodicals, and CD-ROMs with database information on competition policies and competition laws, and exchange publications with the foreign competition authorities and related international organizations.

  • Making the CPIRC as an Important Information Center of the FTC

The CPIRC will continue to compile documents, recordings (audio and visual), posters, and photographs of the activities and meetings organized by the FTC, and preserve the historical records of the FTC, including recording the evolution of the antitrust system in the R.O.C.

  • Making the CPIRC as a Research Center for Competition Policy and Related Laws in the Asia-Pacific Region

The CPIRC has successfully combined information on competition policies/ laws in 14 categories from 21 member economies into the APEC Competition Policy and Law Database. The CPIRC will build on this foundation by enhancing the functions of the database and expanding the range of FTC services available to the international community. 

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