Home NewsJune, 2020 [ Merger notifications or concerted action applications]

Zhongyi (transliteration) Shipping Co., Ltd., Feima (transliteration) Shipping Co., Ltd., Dongxin Shipping Co., Ltd., Jingqiang (transliteration) Shipping Co., Ltd., Guanguang (transliteration) Shipping Co., Ltd. and Chengxiang (transliteration) Shipping Co., Ltd. filed an application for permission to extend their joint scheduling and sales of tickets for their boats running on the Donggang (Yanpu) – Xiao Liuqiu Route. Citing Subparagraph 1 of the proviso set forth in Paragraph 1 of Article 15 and the regulation regarding attachment of undertakings specified in Article 16 of the Fair Trade Act, the FTC approved the application and extended the concerted action from Jul. 2, 2020 to Jul. 1, 2025.


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