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This Website is produced in non-hindered web page design. Use fast key in the website will enable convenient viewing.

The page layout is made into 4 main blocks: Top menu is at the upper area, Main menu area located at the left side, content display area at the middle part and the right side is option area.

The accesskey (fast key) of this website are set as the following:

Alt+U:Top menu area at the upper part has language selections:[Sitemap], [Chinese], [ENGLISH], [Kids], [Feedback], [FAQs], [Bilingual Glossary],and [Search] linking.

Alt+L:Left area, providing the relevant information of this site.

Alt+C:Main content area, containing important or related information of this site.

Alt+B:Bottom fat footer area.

Alt+S:Search the Site.

Alt+F4:Close the window.

Shift+Tab:Back to previous item on this pages.